The Huertas are leaving Huerta street

Michael Huerta wasn’t the first Huerta to buy a house on Acorn Place, he wasn’t the second either. When Michael Huerta bought his first house, he was joining a long line of Huerta’s who made the street their home.

The Huerta who started the tradition of living on the block was Michael’s dad who owned two houses on the block when Michael and his siblings were growing up.  When Michael and his siblings were old enough to buy their own homes, they did the same.

At one point, nearly all the houses on the block were owned by Huerta’s. So, in 1993 Michael went down to Austin City Council with a request, to rename Acorn Place to Huerta street.

They said yes.

Today, houses on Huerta street are valued at several million dollars and many of Michael’s family members are struggling with property taxes, Michael himself is thinking of leaving Huerta street.

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